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Simplicity itself really – a scooped out Galia melon stuffed with lychee’s, strawberries, cantaloupe melon and the Galia. Drizzled over the top is a little syrup made by reducing melon juice, a dash of vanilla essence and some fresh gogi juice with a teaspoon of sugar until thick and, well, syrupy. In the background a little clotted cream.
A chat with Jeanne, after she had announced the Waiter… theme, initially had me thinking of a ‘retro’ fruit salad using tinned fruit salad with those artificial tasting cherries, Mandarin segments, and rock hard pear. Might have been fun if not quite as tasty.

Melon Fruit Salad


  1. Pille says:

    I’m glad you didn’t go for the ‘retro’ fruit salad – this looks so much nicer!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Woo hoo! You did it!! Fruit salad in half a melon – although as you say, not quite what I remember from the 70s ;-) Lovely pics too, as always.

  3. That looks absolutely mouth watering. What a wonderful way to eat your five a day without even having to count.


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