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The mantle of hosting the next edition of Waiter falls on my unworthy shoulders… the theme is tapas. Ingredients-wise we are talking of all things Spanish – beans, morcilla, seafood, olives, herbs, chorizo, rice, saffron, and olive oil in abundance. Freshness being the key. Of course tapas, being tapas, one dish is never enough! Your recipes please then, by the end of the month if you could be so kind.

For inspirational mood-setting, three photos from my recent trip to Madrid. It was a while ago now but I’ve been saving these photos for just this occassion. (More photos on flickr.)

Casa Labra, C/Tetuan 12 is famed for its cod croquettes; cheap too. El Abuelo, C/Victoria 12 supplied the most delicious, quickly fried prawns, washed down with a fresh, crisp white wine. Casa Lucas, Cava Baja, 30 is one of my favourite wine bars. If memory serves this looks like a combination of beans, olive oil and squid. What I do recall is that it was damn delicious.


  1. johanna says:

    wonderful theme! thanks andrew! will be announcing here soon.
    i love tapas, i share your feelings for tapas bars as well – and i might just surprise you with an unusual version of them, the basque pintxos (or however you write that)… since one of my best friends is from that area!

  2. Staysure says:

    Pintxos. Not a big fan, prefer the andalusian simpler tapas.

  3. Denise says:

    Tapas was the theme for a recent Concert in the Park Culinary Challenge!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Mmmm, tapas! Great theme :)


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