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Ok, so its taken a while to get these details sorted, but here we go with the May 2010 winners of DMBLGIT.

First Place:
Loquat and honey jelly,
Loquat and honey jelly, http://www.cuinaperllaminers.com/2010/04/aspic-de-nespres-la-mel.html

Second Place:
making chocolate agar-agar,

S.T. Reinlie, making chocolate agar-agar, http://shintatr.multiply.com/journal/item/412/Daily_photo_-_Making_chocolate_agar-agar

Third Place:
Swedish Visiting Cake
Monica, Swedish Visiting Cake. http://www.sweetbitesblog.com/journal/2010/4/13/twd-swedish-visiting-cake.html

Edibility Winner:

Cristina Lasarte http://frombatoparis.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-fraisier-for-my-chicas-la-mousse-au.html

Originality Winner:

Vania Samperuru, Some Ingredients for Soto Betawi, http://v-recipes.blogspot.com/2010/04/soto-betawi-traditional-soup-from.html

Aesthetics Winner:

Asha, Blue Eggs, http://www.forkspoonnknife.com/2010/04/where-eggs-are-bleu.html

Many thanks to all who participated. The June edition is already underway at SnacksGiving. Go say hello, say Andrew sent you…


  1. Monica says:

    Oh wow.. this took me by surprise.. I came in 3rd place! wow…. thank you judges! This gives me a great push to continue to take the best photos I can….I must be doing something right!
    And congratulations to the winner.. the photos is stunning!

  2. Monica says:

    What a pleasant surprise of coming in third place! WOW.. speechless. Thanks so much to the judges and congratulations to the other winners, I’m in good company!

  3. Asha@FSK says:

    Andrew! thanks much for hosting this fab event again and of course for choosing the winners :))

  4. Thank you Andrew…I just realized today that my Fraisier had been chosen! I feel happy with “edibility”…I’m a cook after all !!!
    Thanks for your time !!!!!!!!


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