March 8, 2007

Savoy Cabbage Supper

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Been feeling bad recently that my consumption of fruit and veg hasn’t reached the holy grail of five-a-day; far from it in fact. So this simple stir-fry was one option in boosting the ingestion of the good stuff.

Just wondering if this would qualify as an English dish for Sam’s St.Georges Day event. The carrots are local and the cabbage proudly ‘Grown in England’. The bacon, decent thicker-than-normal slices that didn’t leak that ghastly white gunk when cooked, is Free Range Traditional Smoked Back Bacon from Royal Berkshire Pork, a totally outdoor free range pig farm located on the Berkshire Downlands, near Newbury not a million miles from me either.

The recipe is from the last issue of the Observer Food Monthly, one of Nigel Slater’s easy suppers – Savoy Cabbage With Smoked Bacon.

Basically it involves little but three slices of bacon, roughly the size of a postage stamp, fried until golden, a chopped clove of garlic fried for a minute or two before a carrot (sliced into matchsticks) and a big chunk of Savoy Cabbage (shredded) are added and fried quickly for just two or three minutes. Serves one.

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  1. Dan March 8, 2007

    That is very weird. I just ate almost exactly the same thing for my supper. I had two poached eggs on top. But my bread was Italian-style.
    Does that make it more or less British?

  2. Andrew March 8, 2007

    poached eggs are fine but ITALIAN bread! I dont think so… 😉

  3. Dan March 9, 2007

    it’s made in Peterborough!

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