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Today’s forceful wind has not been kind to me runner beans. Planted out just 7 days ago several of them have been buffeted by both the wind and the hefty overnight downpours. I’ve resorted to tying the weaker ones to the canes for additional support. ‘Vicky’ at the front is doing fine, poor old ‘Burt’ at the back has suffered from some over eager grass cutting action that removed his top. ‘Kenton’s’ been restrained from flapping about like a mad thing in the wind and ‘Jolene’ likewise (just coincidence I found an old fag butt next to her pole?). ‘Neil’ isn’t looking to well at the moment. And yes I’ve named them after characters from the Archers in a vain attempt to give some life to this on-going runner bean saga. For those who are wondering, behind the headstone are radishes. The soil is rather poor and stony here…

strawberry flower

Runner Beans - planted out

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