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When the heck did these appear? Was the plant visited by the runner bean fairy overnight? Certainly weren’t spotted over the last few days of watering… from the sudden profusion of flowers and the ‘just forming’ beans it would seem a a handsome crop of runner beans is soon due. This initial crop is destined to accompany a roast chicken this evening.

Also just noticed are the first of the heritage sweet pea flowers; they have struggled through despite being decimated by slugs and snails a week or two back… although this one appears to be strangled by its own tendrils! Not noticed until processing the photo, another critter appears to have found a love of sweet peas too. Lets play spot the green fly…

The First Runner Beans

The First Runner Beans

Sweet Pea Flower


  1. You had a lot more luck with runner beans than me! My abortive attempt 2 years ago yielded 1.5 runner beans in total… Are yours on a 3-cane pyramid? And bloody greenfly… I see the little sod clearly!! They LOVE my garden too…

  2. yep, two groups of three canes with three plants in each group. Very surprised they grew for the gound is really poor and stony. Mind you I have pumped it full of miracle grow!
    I should mention that the seeds were supplied for free as part of a ‘Great British Runner Bean Revival’ campaign from http://www.tastesofsummer.co.uk

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