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So the welcome wasn’t that welcoming, nor was the attention to two obvious new visitors but the atmosphere in the Royal William Yard Bakery Plymouth, once a few more breakfasters had arrived was as trendy and cool as anything you can find in London. Minimal decoration, communal long tables.. freshly baked bread, croissants and pan au chocolat (would have been nice to have been told these would be coming), a damn decent coffee too. There is also museli and hard boiled eggs. Apart from the coffee, you have to serve yourself which includes taking a slate board, cutting your own bread slice and toasting it…

For three cups of coffee (I ‘needed’ two), a bowl of museli, several slices of toast and jam, a hard boiled egg, and a ‘so freshly baked the chocolate burns your mouth’ pan au chocolat came to about £17. I’d certainly go back…

Photo Gallery: Royal William Yard Bakery Plymouth

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  1. V trendy indeed… Love the pain au chocolat shot!

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