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Suffering badly from post-trip blues; trying hard to get back into the routine.. which was what I wanted to escape from in the first place!
Plenty of photos to sort through, a mass of notes on the tapas front, a silly ‘you had to be there story’ involving a sheep and a medieval banquet and plenty of wine notes to throw up over on Spittoon. Wine was the focus of the trip but culture and non-touristy lifestyle featured too thanks to my very dear friend Roberto – cheers chap for making Madrid come alive!
This isn’t Roberto; just some old codger I spotted in Vallodolid.


  1. This could have been taken even in Italy…
    It reminds relaxing, calm, sunny spring days…
    Just looking at it makes me want to do the same… :-)

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh, this couldn’t be anywhere but Europe, could it! Wonderful. Sounds like you had a fab time and the sheep story sounds positively Python-esque. Can’t wait to read more…

  3. Bron says:

    cracker pic mate!


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