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My take a recipe posted by the lovely Pille a couple of weeks ago. No need for all the sugar as the original recipe suggests just as Pille states. The only difference is using 300g chocolate; the standard bar size of chocolate appears to be 100g bars. I doubt 50g of chocolate makes that much of a difference. I would also recommend a little firming in the fridge time before eating.
Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
No need to repeat the recipe – view on Pille’s Nami Nami blog.


  1. Tarah says:

    Looks divine!

  2. ashley says:

    Those look Insanely Good!

  3. Pille says:

    The standard bar is 100 g here too. So I bought four, and then tasted&tested some to see if they’re good enough. That left me with exactly 350 g :)
    Lovely to read that you liked the brownies – and that you ARE reading my blog :)

  4. Andrew says:

    Of course I read your blog Pille! Glad to see you are reading mine too!!

  5. Jeanne says:

    As I said to Pille (see, I read BOTH your blogs, LOL!!), these remind me of my dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes in a slightly different format. It’s a winning combination!!

  6. Best brownies ever!I heartily recommend the recipe!


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