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Rather than writing up some ‘meaningful’ wine tasting notes and a choice food match on Spittoon will have to wait as I’ve been playing with Photoshop.A cycle ride yesterday afternoon, with camera in hand yielded a few choice photos from across South Oxfordshire.The route if you have your Ordnance Survey Chiltern Hills West map to hand was out from Wallingford, over the river, and down the Wallingford Road (B4009) diverting at junction 49 to loop round in front of Little Stoke Manor, back to the B road and on to South Stoke. Next left just after the Freedom Cottages and along the Woodcote Road; left at the cross roads passing Icknield Farm and crossing the A4074 to Braziers Park. Left to Ipsden and along the unnamed B road to Cart Cap and then down to Park View and home to Wallingford. All of which is of really no interest unless you know the countryside here or have a map to hand! Needless to say it is ‘typical’ South Oxfordshire countryside – from the flat lands and small enclosed fields that run along the Thames, to wide open near featureless farm land, to a hills topped with copses and woodlands. The photo opportunities are amazing.Any-road-up these two photos were taken in the loop in front of Little Stoke Manor. They show my newly discovered ‘best photoshop filter ever’. Hidden in the Topaz B&W filter set is a ‘Hand-Tinted Cream’ effect which these two photos have been subjected to.

Further comparisons of differing filters on the field shot are detailed on my photo blog. Wine and recipe notes will have to wait awhile longer…

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