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A few joyous days spent in and around Sydney, camera in hand snapping hard for this gallery of 20 odd Photographs of Sydney. The full set is on flickr and includes whale watching, various meals and restaurants, a day trip to the Blue Mountains, various Naked Wines Australia events and organised tastings and the fun people encountered. Like the rest of the group I did indeed climb up and over the Harbour Bridge. Sadly you are not allowed to take a camera with you as you climb, so no shots of the staggering view I am afraid. They say its incase you drop the camera onto the traffic below… nothing to do with taking pictures of you at the top and then selling them to you at the end of the tour…

This set of Photographs of Sydney contains some of my favourite photos taken during the trip. Its hard to bring something original to such iconic, well photographed, sites such as the bridge and the Opera House but think I’ve not doen too badly here. Annoyingly the title of each photograph obscures the ‘interesting’ bits along the bottom of the initial few – those photos taken from the Manly ferry as we approached Sydney in the early morning.


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