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The Lille Trip was organised by some EuroStar PR people and a great day out it turned out to be. A variety of food bloggers came along – the day starting at St.Pancras station at 6 (which meant a 3:30am start for me from Oxfordshire) and ended back at the stations champagne bar – for those with stamina – that same evening. Demonstrating that for £59 return a day trip to the continent IS a possibility.

Those who came on the trip, most of whom have already blogged about it, are:

More photographs from Lille on flickr. There is also a EuroStarLittleBreak group for all that went…


  1. Very nice pictures of the city. I’ve studied in Lille for 4 years before moving to Paris and I had one of the most interesting and great years of my life. A beautiful city with very open-minded people ready to give you a hand in any circumstances and of course, amazing food!

  2. Glad you like the photos Mathilde; one day perhaps I’ll get to go back and explore some more – I was pleasantly surprised how nice a city it was.

  3. Kang says:

    lol – Andy that is a smashing picture, excellent shot of a moment! It made me burst out laughing! I really do look so lost pointing that camera :D

  4. Helen says:

    It was SO your fault and you know it! ;)


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