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Mince pies might appear to be a bit of an obsession at the moment, especially if you follow on Twitter, or if you have browsed the Mince Pie Page. I do actually eat other things at this time of year – I had a clementine earlier (how dull a clementine-based obsession would be!) and a yoghurt of all things…

The plan for this post was to include a photo of all the various types of mince pies that have been consumed; but I and Waitrose have run out of the Heston spiced ones and I don’t really think I need ANOTHER box of the Waitrose All Butter pies… I’ve just received a box of the Konditor and Cook pies and am expecting some from winning the Mince Pie Project raffle over the weekend PLUS a few more arriving next week from Forman and Filed (a little extra added to the Christmas meat purchase)… I will indeed be totally mince-pied-out by New Years…

mince pies

So just five mince pies in the photograph.

Mince Pie Taste Test

Top left : Nut Topped Mince Pies from Selfridges. A touch lacking on the mince front but superb warmed. When cold they don’t extract from the foil container easily.
Top right : Duchy Originals Organic. More balanced than the Waitrose All Butter pies, not as rich or as boozy. Lovely crisp pastry. Good level of filling.
Centre Left : Tesco Mince Pies. Very sloppy and runny filling, rather unpleasant. Pastry fine if a little soft.
Centre Right : Marks and Spencer Mince Pies. Decent level of filling, nice pastry, but overall lacking a touch in depth of flavour.
Bottom : Fortnum and Masons Puff Pastry Mince Pie. Lacking a bit in the level of filling, but a real home made look and taste. Lovely warmed. {Available from the deli counter. Wish I had brought some of their other boxed versions while there.)

Not pictured:

Heston from Waitrose Spiced Shortcrust Mincepie : rather flat in appearance with very brown pastry. Very, very spicy. Comes with a sachet of tangerine flavoured sugar. Tangerine flavour is overpowered by the spice flavour. In two minds if I actually like these, the spice is very strong.
Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies : the standard supermarket mince pie. Very boozy, very buttery pastry, rich.
Konditor and Cook : Described as the very best mince pies in London. Professional home baked appearance, small in comparison to the others. Not too rich so one is never enough.

Not an exhaustive list, by far, of the mince pies available, I realise but a taster of supermarket, up market and deli versions.

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