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A recipe I discovered put the proportions as 350g plain flour to 300ml water; this was plain wrong. I used far less water to make the dough. Not sure of the exact amount but what was used made a soft and supple dough that rolled easily.

An admission – I bulked at the theme for Waiter being stuffed dumplings. Sure, the making of suet dumplings for a warming Autumnal stew had been accomplished, but ‘stuffed’ dumplings… oh my…

One of the great things about this blogging malarkey is the ‘stretching’ of ones culinary experiments; and this turned out damn good, even if I say so myself. So a little stretching was a good thing! A teaspoon of minced pork, pre-fried with a sprinkling of Chinese Five Spice and a splash of Balsamic plus a little chopped watercress, spinach and spring onion was placed between two squished rounds of the dough. (I think they are supposed to be triangle in shape, but that was a ‘step too far’!) Dropped into boiling water for about 10 minutes they emerged as stuffed dumplings or Jiaozi in Chinese. Lacking in the aesthetics department admittedly, but dipped into a little sweet chili sauce they were damn tasty.

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  1. johanna says:

    i am on a dumpling high! so glad you made these, after our visit to yauatcha, i can’t get enough of those steamed, boiled, fried asian parcels… yummy! see you very soon at henley – let’s pray for good weather!


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