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Where is the suave Antonio Grimaldo? Or Michael Wangbickler, Robin Shaw, Jochen Erler, Thaddeus or Mark Stafford? Wonderful people all, that, to one degree or another – across a plate of spinach drenched pasta, over a glass of Sagrantino, from a chair in the auditorium – I ran into at the International Wine Conference. Despite spending eight days in Italy I didn’t manage to take their picture.

As I have probably said several times it doesn’t matter how many photographs you take (I returned with nearly 900) there is always someone or something that you failed to capture. Annoyingly so. At my age memories are fleeting and one needs such images…

While I haven’t quite finished reviewing all those pictures I took, I halted at 20 for this post. One doesn’t want to overdo it afterall. Here though a collection of some of those great people I did manage to photograph. Thanks to all for making the conference and associated trips so much fun.


  1. I love that your opening shot was the “twins.” Beautiful portraits & great memories. Until next time!

  2. Haha love the twin pic! Yes, Italy was a haze of wine, pasta and gnocchi! Great pics & look forward to seeing more!

  3. Marcy Gordon says:

    Great shots Andrew, and like the other commenters I love the “the twins”…too funny. Perhaps you have one of the twins on ice?

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