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Sorry for the delay in posting the results – all down to a combination of work deadlines, a delay with a judges scoring and so on. I should say a huge thank you to this months two judges the lovely Helen of FoodStories and man-about-town Douglas of Intoxicating Prose. Along with myself they have selected the following images as winners of this round of Does My Blog Look Good In This.

Overall Winner: Bake In Paris with this stunning shot of Black Sesame Macaroons
Second Place to Food Is Love with this stunning and colourful drink entry
Third Place with a delightful rendition of Bacon and Eggs is Taste Buddies/All Things Nice
In the category sections it was a very close battle but for Edibility we have Tecxcape with Boiled Dumplings
For Originality you can’t beat this wonderful picture of a dropped ice-cream by Mamaja Cooks
And for Aesthetics a tie between Sweet Corner, France Le Petrin and Darrellmom
And finally the hosts choice for one images that didn’t quite make it into a winning slot but is worthy of praise non-the-less. I would be mighty proud to have taken this satay picture but it was snaped by Our Family Favourite Recipes.


  1. verO says:

    I made de photo with the blackberry. I’d like to inform you you made a mistake with my name.
    It’s not Darrelmom but Delimoon. ;-)
    I’ll be happy with a badge, so yes, thank you, please send me one.
    Thank you for all.

  2. Love the Mamaja Cooks pic!

  3. Sefa says:

    Hi Andrew..
    Hope you are doing well. Thanks to you and the judges for choosing my photo as one of the winner. Congratulation to all winners.
    Yes please, I need the badge *wink to Shari*

  4. Andrew, can you please send me the badge please? Thank you…

  5. Glad to have helped.
    Yours, ‘the man about town’.

  6. Well worth the wait – some real crackers there.

  7. Helen says:

    Phew! Glad I didn’t totally stuff up the judging to be perfectly honest!


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