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A bunch of twittering bloggers meet up in my home town of Wallingford for a day of English wine and food. The wine notes and main twitterings are over on Spittoon but thought a few of the pictures I took on the day were good enough for posting here. Text excerpts are from the tweets posted during the day. For full coverage of the tweets the tag #aeww (Awsome English wine week) was used (just ignore the odd Brazilian stuff that pops in occassionally if you read the full tweets!). More aeww pictures on flickr.

wine_scribbler: lovely stroll thru vineyards and lakeside at brightwell vineyard #aeww
eatlikeagirl: Gorgeous walk around the vineyard. It’s beautiful here! Very relaxing. Lots of pics to post. There’s pigs here too. I want to move in. #aeww
wine_scribbler: #aeww foodie people very excited by the vineyard pigs i just want to taste wine
thewinesleuth: #aeww helen’s got pig spit on her
FoodStories: #aeww a pig just tried to eat my skirt! I was worried for a while there but skirt has been retrieved. Big pig saliva patch though!
FoodStories: #aeww back at Andrews now, more English wines and cheeeeese! He also has fabulous windows.
eatlikeagirl: oh my goodness, and now for an enormous selection of fabulous English cheeses, local salad and artisan breads. will the wines hold up? #aeww
AllTheCheeses: RT @FoodStories #aeww English wines, cheeses, bread, salad. Yum!!! http://twitpic.com/5rowb

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  1. hampers says:

    Luck pigs – picture taking galore…lol


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