November 6, 2008

Ecclefechan Tarts

By Andrew In Photographs
Luckily the small depth of field has blurred out the dirty smear on the saucers and you can’t really see the grubby marks on the cafateire either. Rather pleased with the photo so thought it deserved a place here, in full-sized glory, rather than remaining hidden on The Foodie List. What I need now is a decent recipe to recreate these lovely little blighters… the on-line recipes a five minute squint at don’t quite hit the mark.

These come in packs of four but I succumbed and ate one.

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  1. katie November 6, 2008

    They sound lovely, like a lighter mince pie. I had a look for some recipe and this promised to be traditional, but who knows?
    The ‘mixed dried fruit’ could include cherries like the Sainsburys ones.
    Will look out for them next time I shop there.

  2. Douglas November 9, 2008

    Don’t mince your words – just your pies!

  3. Jeanne November 17, 2008

    Lovely shot (and tarts). And yes, I often thank the heavens for shallow DOF that hides a multitude of sins in the background!!

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