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Damn stupid name for a foodie-photo challenge… but having run the event for the last couple of years I thought it was about time for me to host again.
Jeanne hosted last month; and a few delightful images floated to the top to receive the coveted winners accolades. Nip on over to Cooksister to revel in the mouthwatering marvels and view the full gallery of entries.
In case you were not aware there is a PDF download for entrants; head on over to the dedicated DMBLGIT page on Spittoon Extra for all the details.
Entries should be sent in by the 20th of August using the email address above; subject DMBLGIT please. The full album is being hosted on Picasa (slideshow below). Original, text-less, food/drink related photos only please that were posted on a blog during July 2009.


  1. Absolutely love the picture of the spanakopita. Great composition with the little pine nuts.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Well, I would submit something, if I’d actually posted any bloody food in July!! :o) Love your spanakopita pic – looks delish!

  3. Robert says:

    Just curious……. have we got the winners of DMBLGIT August 2009?

  4. A bit of a delay in getting one of the judges scores in… I’ll go ahead with what I have on Sunday. Sorry everyone life, work and deadlines come before the mighty DMBLGIT sadly.


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