April 23, 2008

Dessert of the Week – Ginger Cheesecake

By Andrew In Recipes

Eventually it has to happen; you reach the very last slice. A dessert will not last long but the joy of imminent, wicked, satisfaction is edged with disappointment as the last, luscious, mouthful is eaten. Time then to make something else!

My local semi-deli (I use the word as the range is limited) has a prominent display of the Just Biscuits range. I am most taken with the hand-made Ginger Shorties and have long harboured a desire to use them as a cheesecake base. I’m having a ‘thing’ with ginger at the moment…

Ginger Cheesecake

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Ginger Cheesecake

A superb cheesecake recipe, flavours of ginger abound!


  • 2 packs Just Biscuits Ginger Shorties
  • large knob of unsalted butter
  • preserved ginger in syrup
  • 250g Mascarpone
  • 250g full-fat soft cheese
  • 284ml double cream
  • chopped walnuts to decorate


  1. Crush biscuits and mix with melted butter. Spread over the bottom of your chosen dish to form the cheesecake base. Chill.
  2. Mix the cream cheese, cream and Mascarpone. Add as much ginger, chopped small, as you desire (I used 5 or was it 6 large pieces). Add half a jar of the ginger syrup. Mix and spread over the biscuit base. Chill for several hours. Top with chopped walnuts. Serve large slices. Wonder, with incredulous amazement, at expanding waist line.

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  1. Leah Bevington April 23, 2008

    I had ginger cheesecake last week and they had a chili toffee sauce on the side- delicious.

  2. Karolcia April 24, 2008

    I love desserts with mascarpone cheese, together with ginger it must be delicious!!!

  3. arfi April 24, 2008

    aaaaaaaaahhh… that’s it! i promise myself i will make ginger cheesecake as soon as the oven works!

  4. diva@theSugarBar April 24, 2008

    oh i’ve never had ginger cheesecake before. this is something that has to be made! yum! looks very good.

  5. chiff0nade April 24, 2008

    EXCUSE ME! “Ginger cheesecake”?
    What country are you posting from?
    I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF with a certification as a PASTRY CHEF who graduated from Peter Kump’s Culinary School, and I assure you that I have NEVER heard of ginger cheesecake.
    In fact, the idea repulses me.
    I like your blog and all . . . but “Ginger Cheesecake” will not get it.

  6. Holly April 25, 2008

    If I had a cheesecake around like that I would be having a “thing” with ginger too! Yum!

  7. Andrew April 25, 2008

    ChiffOnade – thanks for being SO constructive. I’m a professional too, in eating. Have been doing THAT a heck of a lot longer than you, I wouldn’t warrant. Congratulations on your stellar career but despite my many years experience of reading food publications and dining in fine restaurants around the world, I have NEVER heard of you. A Google search for ginger cheesecake, however, turns up 12,100 results.

  8. Jeanne April 25, 2008

    oooooh, I LOVE ginger cheesecake, especially if there is white chocolate involved. I’m putting this on my summer “to do” list. And as for the commenter who has “NEVER heard of” ginger cheesecake (!!) – maybe he or she needs to get out a little more. White chocolate and ginger cheesecake has been on the menu of super-succesful international chain Wagamama for ages.

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