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There is a big scrawl in my note book surrounded by a double square. It lies half way through notes on the meal I had last Sunday night and reads ‘I Golosi’ which I think translates as a glutton.

Not sure how this came up in conversation and whether it was directed at me or not. I was only polite in having five courses; no one said only pick a couple! This was the first meal of my Italian trip and a superb intro to top-notch local cuisine. The restaurant Da Gigetto is in Maine, Treviso.

I have posted a series of pictures of the restaurants acclaimed and superbly eclectic cellar on Spittoon (one of which is below). Nooks, crannies, oddities and antiques really does not describe the experience. But the meal was upstairs in an equally strange (although delightful) room – a private dining room partially decorated like a Roman villa.

In the cellar spontino (snack) of thinly sliced lardo on warm crustini; deliciously unhealthy but excellent with a glass of Bisol Prosecco. I am a little hazy on the specifics of the meal – put it down to the excitement of a new country (and the wine of course) – but I think the starter was the local salami (soprezza) served with pickled raddichio (another local delicacy). Then green and white asparagus with a cream sauce – lovely too.

A square of lasagne next with a crispy edge contrasting with the richness of the cream and cheese. This was served with another Bisol wine, Molera a still Prosecco, clean, crisp and apply with high acidity that cut through the richness.

A red is proffered to accompany my Faraona in Salsa Peverada (guinea fowl in a pork, soprezza, liver, pepper and lemon sauce). Delicious and apparently a renaissance dish. It might not look greatly appetising but was just so, so tasty.

It is here that the I Golosi note appears – there is more food; a dessert of a fluffy and light chocolate tart with a melting chocolate centre. Just perfect with a Bisol stickie.

I also had a spoonful of three different creme brulees – cinnamon, pistachio and coffee.
I am sure there was some cheeses in there somewhere too. I passed on the grappa but really needed that double espresso…. A glutton indeed.

Ristorante ‘Da Gigetto’
via A. De Gasperi, 4.31050 Maine
Tele: 0438 960020

[This article was written last year after a visit to the Veneto and has appeared elsewhere on the net. A series of photos taken during the trip are viewable on flickr.]



  1. Bonnie says:

    Done in style! Glutton or not, you might as well make the most of things…

  2. Andrew says:

    And that Bonnie is exactly what I did!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Oh glutton, schmutton. Who ever heard of foregoing a dish in Italy! It would be just plain churlish to your hosts ;-)


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