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While writing up the gnocchi recipe last week I realised that the photos from the cooking class at the Terre Margaritelli Winery in Umbria have been sitting on my hard disc and not been ‘published’; so here we are a selection of photographs from the trip to the Margaritelli winery during the International Wine Tourism Conference; a mighty fun evening, lots of laughs, far too much wine and gnocchi (amongst other delicious foods).


  1. Lovely snaps -especially the fire in the grate & kneading the dough…

    • Andrew says:

      thanks! As usual it wasnt the most ideal of conditions for the taking of photos; to dark and ‘atmospheric’ even at the highest of ISOs… still – happy memories :-)

  2. Mary says:

    Ohh I love the Open Fire picture. So cozy. What a fun night!

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