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A small series of hastily snapped photos taken at the Chapel of St Clement at the Sarria Winery, Navarra. The large front doors were unlocked for just a few minutes – we after all had wine to taste! Along one side these modern stained glass windows illuminated by the morning light. At the far end a mosaic of St. Clement, the 4th Pope, after which the chapel is dedicated.

As we headed into the winery a little man flew his gyrocopter into land; attached to the Maxdron was a little Olympus camera. We assume he was taking pictures of the vines; but were unable to ask. Haven’t been able to find a maxdron in the UK, not that I would be able to afford one. And nor would I really trust it holding my Canon 7D!

Photo Gallery: Chapel of St Clement, Sarria, Navarra


  1. Those windows are too beautiful! What’s with the drone?!

    • Andrew says:

      not sure if the drone was for scientific purposes or just a hobby or a play thing. Looked fun though. I wouldn’t trust my SLR on it and not sure how you would take photos from a long distance either…

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