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Vert Jaune and Rose by Carte Noire

I adore these videos – and cant help but see so many scenes that would make astounding still life images. But they are in video formRead More

4 May

Stop Motion Cooking

Not the normal type of thing I post on SpittoonExtra but this stop motion video is just so good I felt compelled to share! The useRead More

9 Mar
IWineTC – More People

IWineTC – More People

I didn’t record all their names but included in this little collection of people shots are various chefs and cooks, participants, winery people, cheese makers andRead More

IWineTC – The People

IWineTC – The People

Where is the suave Antonio Grimaldo? Or Michael Wangbickler, Robin Shaw, Jochen Erler, Thaddeus or Mark Stafford? Wonderful people all, that, to one degree or anotherRead More

Nothing Says Thank You Like…

Nothing Says Thank You Like…

Nothing says “Thank You” like a box of chocolates. Nor “I Love You” or even a simple “Ta matey”. These little chocolate morsels pictured here justRead More

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

Finally got round to up-loading more photos of Berlin to Flickr; I went back in June for hecks sake! That makes 24 photos from Berlin withRead More

Interviewed by The Passionate Cook

Johanna has thrown a few questions my way as part of a little meme that some wag set off some time ago. “There’s this “meme” goingRead More

9 Jun


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