August 20, 2012

Bon Bon Café, Sydney

By Andrew In Photographs, Reviews
Chocolate, Fashion and Lunch, Strand Arcade, Sydney
If truth be told the main course was unmemorable; so much so that I can’t recall at all what is was. Rather than being uninspiring the shared dessert rather eclipsed whatever it was I ate – a ‘healthy’ filled sandwich of some description – prior to the pud. Looking back this was quite possibly the first meal in Australia where we enjoyed a dessert; being rather partial to a dessert this left rather a longing as I am sure you will understand.

At each end of the Strand Arcade in Sydney is a chocolate shop. My companions for the day – Helen and Matt – brought gifts to take home at Haiges (while I picked up a recipe card!). I took a few snaps of the chocolates and the designer fashion display outside while they agonised over a soft centre or hard…

At the other end of the arcade sits Bon Bon which, as it happens, also has a café downstairs. Busy it was, with just a table next to the stairs available, where we secreted ourselves and consumed a pleasant wine free lunch (they didn’t have a license at the time). This ‘wine free’ business was also something of a novelty, this being a Naked Wines trip after all with a seemingly never ending flow of vino. That I can assure you is NOT a complaint! After the sandwich on a whim we ordered the Bon Bon Chocolate Selection to share between the three of us.

Divine – about the only word I can think of to describe the selection – a near perfect nut-topped chocolate brownie, a glorious chocolate mouse with whipped cream and strawberry, and a decadent ball of chocolate ice-cream. And not forgetting the delectable chocolate on the side. I’ve just looked at the Bon Bon website and this wonderful dish no longer graces their menu. If I lived in Sydney I’d start a riot…

Bon Bon Café and Chocolate Shop
Shop 33,
Strand Arcade,
Pitt Street,

Haigh’s Chocolates
Shop 1, The Strand Arcade,
412 – 414 George Street,

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  1. Jeanne @ CookSister! August 21, 2012

    Love the subtle light in all these photos – and oh, that dessert plate!! The chocolate ice-cream ball has my name on it… (never thought I’d see the day that you progressed from “allright” to “divine” ;o))

    • Andrew August 21, 2012

      Glad you like them. As it happens ‘divine’ I picked up from you (although I feel the need to add a ‘darling’ right after). Does make a change from ‘quite nice’ 😉


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