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Finally got round to up-loading more photos of Berlin to Flickr; I went back in June for hecks sake! That makes 24 photos from Berlin with another batch still waiting ‘approval’ and up-load.
Time to play ‘spot the window cleaner’. A snap taken at the Sony Centre, Berlin.

The photo challenge Does My Blog Look Good In This (DMBLGIT) is one of the longest running of food-related blog events and is still immensley popular. Those who read SpittoonExtra via RSS would not have seen the new DMBLGIT page, a central location to list the current and future hosts. Also available are two excellent PDF downloads – instructions for both hosts and participants. Go have a look-see and let me know if useful.

Finally a quick shout out to my pal Jeanne aka Cooksister. She is half way through the blog-post a day event and would, I expect, really welcome your support via a comment or two on her posts, especially following the stress and hassle involved with her washing machine and heating system!
Addition: The lovely Johanna has announced the next theme for Waiter – roasts.


  1. Rico says:

    the photography is amazing ..i love it

  2. Jeanne says:

    Yikes – I hope he gets danger pay. Isn’t the Sony centre impressive?
    And thanks for acknowledging my efforts in the stress factory that is NaBloPoMo!! As you can see, I am commenting on nobody’s blog, just churning out that post-a-day. Mea Culpa. Normal service will resume in December.


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