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Under the days last blast of bright, winter sunshine I managed to catch the closing minutes of BITE 2013. This, held in the ‘so-quaint-it-hurts’ centre of Chipping Camden, brought together a select array of food and drink producers, and gourmet fast food stalls.

Several stalls had closed shop by the time I had scoffed down a very late lunch of a delicious lamb burger (from a stall I stupidly neglected to record the name of) but under the arches of the 17th century Market Hall, were Blue Basil Brownies, a curing company, Pie and Mighty Pie, cheese stalls, the Cotswold Cider Company, Annie’s Market Garden an Award winning producer of Rare Breed meats, Pies, Pasties and more than one highly tempting cake stands. Oh how I wish I had brought a slice of that Tunisian Orange and Almond Cake! The lovely couple, whose names I neglected to ask, behind the Pie and Mighty Pies stall very generously gave me a pie to take home… and damn delicious it was too!

Chipping Campden becomes a foodie haven as the town is taken over by an all-day open market featuring the very best regional food producers. Sample their produce, and fill your baskets with passionately-crafted food.

Photo Gallery: BITE 2013 Artisan Food Fair

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