SpittoonExtra – it’s the add-on to Spittoon. While keeping Spittoon clean and focused on wine and drink, SpittoonExtra was set-up to cover related posts such as food recipes and more photographs than could comfortably fit on Spittoon. While still keeping that focus SpittoonExtra has grown somewhat to include the food photograph challenge, Does My Blog Look Good In This, and other such blog events (when and where I have the time to participate).

Thanks for stopping by; I do hope you find something of interest. For those who do not know me personally, (me being Andrew Barrow), I’m a writer/photographer based in South Oxfordshire in the UK. Subjects covered revolve around wine and food, which also encompasses rather a lot of travel either to culinary destinations or, more usually, to wine producing regions. Such trips inevitably include sampling local foods and decent restaurants. As an aside I do enjoy train travel.

I do hope you find something of interest here. Do leave a comment if you are so inclined.

You guys remember my original recipe “garlic cheese mash and goats cheese dauphinois”.

Well I have added on to this in recent years to include a new “drunken apples” recipe that goes great with it.

Also I have a “sweet risotto with rhubarb compote” that I will release soon as well.

So stay tuned!