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A meal in pictures…no words needed to describe this excellent meal, our first lunch after arriving in South Africa. Brief details of the Kleine Zalze wines drunk with the meal are detailed on Spittoon.

The menu: what would you have ordered?
From the Kitchen: Chilled Asparagus Soup with Truffle Foam
The Starter: Local Goats Cheese with figs – absolutly delicious
From The Kitchen: Seared Scallops
The Mains: Springbok Loin with Truffle Hollandaise and Madeira
Dessert Menu:
Dessert: Surprise! I went for the mousse.


  1. What a menu. I think I’d still be standing there trying to make my decision. You definitely picked some winners. Lovely photos. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your dinner.

  2. Zabeena says:

    I sooooo love your photos! And I’m glad you went for the Springbok — I think we made the right choice! ;)
    Lol, Zabeena

  3. This meal looks absolutley delicious and your photography is amazing. Makes me want another holiday to South Africa – I have only been once and that was years ago.

  4. Jeanne says:

    OMG. Looks like heaven, especially that asparagus soup shot and the scallops… I think yuo made the right choice with the springbok!! Interesting that La Colombe in Constantia does a similar blackboard menu thing.
    You do remember that the Kleine Zalze wines were the first SA ones we tasted at last year’s LIWF and found to be too sweet??

  5. Andrew says:

    Did we Jeanne? I don’t remember that at all! Perhaps a vintage change… we shall have to reappraise again this year.


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