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One of the top restaurants in South Africa; Reubens with a superb meal accompanied by a delicious array of wines presented by Rudiger Gretcher wine maker at Boekenhoutskloof.

The Starter: Tempura Prawns (if memory serves)
Main Course: Grilled Quail with Grape, Mascarpone and Tarragon Stuffing
Dessert: No idea what this is! But wow doesn’t it look delicious…
And a final picture of the restaurant…


  1. Douglas says:

    Isn’t it a kind of tarte tatin?

  2. Andrew says:

    Sounds about right Douglas but I can’t remember exactly… don’t actually remember eating it; the main course was so damn delicious!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Judging by the garnish I reckon it’s a little individual tarte tatin made with those FAB yellow cling peaches that you only seem to get in South Africa… I can’t wait for my next trip so I can go to Reubens!


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